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Repair Walls

Repair Walls


If the insulation of the room is broken, then at sub-zero temperatures for a period of time there is a "freezing of the walls".

Cold walls are not just a lack of comfort during the winter season. Freezing the dew point (the temperature at which, at a certain humidity, water turns from vapor to liquid) shifts inside the room.
Water condenses on cold walls, especially around panel joints and corner joints, from the warm air of the apartment. Wallpaper and plaster become excessively wet and over time begin to bubble and fall off. But the most dangerous thing in this situation is the growth of mold and mildew.


Microorganisms begin to multiply on the surfaces of damp and poorly ventilated rooms.

For a long time fungus and mold is not visible - it develops under the wallpaper and in the joints between panels. When they are detected, it is already too late.

In the apartment there is a specific musty smell - the result of vital activity of microorganisms, wallpaper turns black and begins to fall off.

A large number of microorganisms and spores in the air negatively affect human health.

It is recommended not to lead the apartment to such a state, but to perform timely airtight sealing and insulation of the apartment.

All joints between panels are opened, the old insulation is removed. After that, all the cavities are treated with antiseptic.

Then the insulation is inserted into the joints, and a layer of sealant is placed on top. In the apartment, the wallpaper is removed, the walls are cleaned of mold and mildew, and then also protected with antiseptic. About