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The company "Future In Team" performs both large contractual orders and orders of private clients.

Practice shows that a number of issues related to the execution of work on repair of joints between panels, to solve in a telephone conversation with the customer is impossible.

In this regard, our company provides free specialist on-site visit. On the spot our employee can accurately determine the amount of work.

In addition, will be able to assess the complexity of the work, such as caulking joints, repair of joints, sealing joints.
Unfortunately, during construction, the sealing of joints is not always given due attention.

Therefore, in apartments and workplaces appear damping and freezing walls, drafts, mold and other "charms" of the consequences of such a construction defect. technology/

In this regard, there is a need to carry out the initial sealing of joints, or to deal with the repair of poorly made seams.